Librem 5 Discussion

(NoHablaPrivacy) #1

Looking at pre-ordering one, but curious if others have?

Also if you also have their laptop line, was it an easy transition or do they have issues?

Not looking into a laptop, but if it has major issues very likely their phone will as well.

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(Nik) #2

I don’t think id pre-order one, I read that the hardware specs were now outdated, i’m following their blog to keep an eye on progress, I really do want this to happen.

(NoHablaPrivacy) #3

Honestly I’m not too concerned with hardware specs. Now I do not want it to be years old technology, but I do not have enough on my phone to be concerned.

(Nik) #4

I’m not too fussed about the hardware specs either. I think its a way off yet though.

I found this article from 2017 , I cant honestly confirm anything in it but worth a read.

Has anyone here used sailfishOs ?


NXP iMX8M Quad SoC is about 6 months old if I’m not mistaken. That sounds pretty recent to me.
Definitely lookin forward to getting a Librem 5 and hopefully many developers will be interested in supporting the device.

(blacklight447) #6

The probbaly talk about the four arm a53 cores it uses, which is quite low underpowered for todays standards.


I have pre-ordered the Librem 5.

I did so more as a way to support this type of development, and understand it may never come out, it may suck or anything else. Still felt like doing it.

The crazy thing is actually being Canadian. I paid with the exchange rate $860CAD for the device. That’s not including any import fees that may happen if/when they deliver it.

Anyways, I am excited for this to work out.

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