Lets rethink: Startpage and DuckDuckGo are lying or not

So i have been running into something that might raise some flags…

Its about this article

One states and i quote: “Startpage seems using user’s IP address to serve Ads.”.

Does anyone knows anything about this?

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It is always the same problem:

Provider A tells you that it doesn’t store IP addresses. Then you either trust A and use its services, or you don’t trust A and look for another service provider.

However, you can never check whether A lies or tells the truth as long as you don’t control their servers.

So no one can seriously answer such questions except the service provider. This is true for search engines, VPN providers, and basically every other service on the internet.


I’d like to respond to both of your ‘questions’.

1 - “Lets rethink: Startpage and DuckDuckGo are lying or not”

I just took a look at their front end and gathered the following:

script ​https://www.startpage.com/js/abp.js ?adType= 1&advertiser=1&advertising=1

xhr​https://www. startpage.com/pelp? ct=1571100459805&tzo=-420&uw=1920&uh=1080&bw=1336&bh=849&ln=english&pt=hp&nc=1571100459805

xhr​https://www. startpage.com/do/smt? is_framed=false&fb=&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.startpage.com%2F&t=1571100459774

As for Duck, I found 1 1x1 pixel! Not a stalker - hmmmm?

What it all means to gurus here is well beyond me, but what I see is of no surprise.

As for your:

Is ‘trust’ something that you’re asking about? I’ll offer my opinion anyway. :slight_smile:
In my world, two of many things that must be earned are (1) Trust and (2) Respect.
Trust is something that is not handed off willy-nilly because of reviews, ratings, it went viral, someone’s cousins best friends uncle who is a lawyer said so, is ‘free’ or due to a cool Privacy Policy. Startpage lost my trust and respect. That’s another story.

I agree in part with InfoSec Handbook and add 'We should not and cannot ever trust anything on the Internet - not without some serious digging or grain of salt.

I am by no means anywhere near techi-literate as most here, but I’ve been a heavy user of the Internet since there were just grey screens with black text and used Windows 3.1 to get there. Prior to that, it was BBS’s. But I can say I know what I like and don’t like about it from a user point. And I don’t like the disrespect companies have of us users, and what they’ve done to discourage trust and respect, not that they deserve either.