Let's discuss privazer

privazar claims to be privacy safe.
But these days im a little bit insecure with the internet of things.
is anybody familiar with this software?

Hi John,

never heard of Privazar before so I looked at their website. As I understand (I may have missed something ?) it does what erasing your drive with multiple passes option would normally do. I wanted to have a look at their privacy policies, their software being free and their website full of “privacy” terms everywhere but… I can’t find their privacy policy on their website. Maybe it’s because an ad-blocker or something I have is preventing the link to appear ? So I looked who is behind this software : a company called “Goversoft”. Never heard of them (but I don’t know every company on Earth either) made me lol when I realized they advertise a software about privacy and their parent company has “Gov” in the name :smiley: funny.

I tried to search online for what exactly Privazar does and found that : https://www.shouldiremoveit.com/PrivaZer-11217-program.aspx
I don’t specially caution shouldiremoveit website and would not trust them to uninstall something from my computer (I would prefer to do it myself manually) but it’s just interesting as it seems to list every process and app Privazar is usually running in the background etc… so it gives you a better idea of what Privazar would be doing.

Tried to find something about Goversoft, found that : https://www.bizapedia.com/de/goversoft-llc.html which may or may not be the same company ?

In conclusion, my personal opinion : I don’t see what would be the difference of deleting a drive with multiple passes/rewrites. And as I don’t see on their website more explanation and I don’t find their privacy policy etc… I would not use it myself. That being said I may have missed something, I did not spend a lot of time looking at it so if you get other people answering you here and having a different opinion than me, if they point to examples why (things I haven’t seen) then I’ll advice you follow their opinions more than mine.

Hope it helps.

edit : corrected typos

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if im right, it just to clean ur PC files so bleachbit is more good and trusted

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that is correct