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Hey folks,
Sooooo my cousin told me that most wanted jobs right now (in tech) are AI and data science okay? and I’m learning them right now but my problem with data science that it teach you how to gather as much as you can from data then add them to way that help your company understand user base okay ? everything fine and good but while i watching these videos and tell how get as much as i can from data i feel myself like Google or Facebook (in other words i feel bad) because in my apps i value privacy and all my apps are open source but now i need to gather as much as i can from data so it’s like there fight inside my brain. i want guarantee privacy for users but same time i need to get data so if you were me what you will do ? or i do not know tell me how to get data but same time do not harm user’s privacy
Thank you!

Gathering data does not necessarily means that you are doing something wrong, and in fact it is a really important part for projects to fix bugs and errors, or to know what are your users’ interests and therefore develop your project in certain way (e.g.: if most of your users use MacOS instead of a Linux distro, you may want to prioritize building a client for the first one instead of the latter).

I think that as long as you do it with their consent, and they have the option to opt out, it’s fine. I personally allow telemetry on when using Firefox’s beta/nightly or if I install it on a computer of someone who’s not so interested in privacy, to help them with development. Another option would be to give users an option so that they can give you that information, GitHub is a good example, when you are filling in an issue about a bug, you need to tell developers which OS you are using.

If you need to gather a lot of data for databases and the development of AI, you could try to avoid information that could personally identify you (I know this is a blurry thing, but that’s another topic, I guess) and tell them that it’s going to help to build an open source project which could help thousands of people who can’t afford propietary software, and that you only want to contribute to make society more fair.


so let them know what data i collect with option to opt-out, noted

explain please ? :joy:

Are you working for a company? If you are concerned about user’s privacy you should speak up to your team leader or manager, and bring your concerns about it. The strongest argument you’ll probably have in a business environment is a potential liability from the legal standpoint and I’d advise informing yourself about things like GDPR.

If you are working on your own (as in, a project you have full control over) then you obviously can decide what and how much data to collect, how long you store it for, who you share it with…

That said, I fully agree that collecting data is not necessarily a bad thing. Most privacy-minded folks are very wary about it because it has been abused for profit and without user’s consent. You shouldn’t feel bad about it if you are transparent and make it clear what’s happening, and give options to the user to opt-out (or even better, opt-in instead).

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Nah, i just turned 18 last week :joy: and i take courses to improve my skills because i love coding and while taking course this thought came to my mind so yeah wanted to know what i would do

problem that in course they say collect all data you can collect then decide what you do with it

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Maybe opt-in would be better, but yeah, they need some way to know you need the data.

The whole thing of “anonymized data” is a blurry thing, because a lot of times you can correlate “anonymous” metadata with a person and re-identify it.

Another thing, make you to store that data securely and telling people how you do it may provide some confidence. For example, on an encrypted SDD on an off-line computer in a safe box.

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thank you for help again, but i think if i work at company it will be optout and when i work with myself it will be optin

Yeah, you can’t decide much if you’re with corporate.