LeaveMeAlone.xyz - Thoughts?

Aye, I wanted to start a discussion about “Leave Me Alone”.
They are a service to help block unwanted email.

First impression:

It’s very cheap. 2,50 $ to unsubscribe from 50 unwanted promotional letters is very little, if it’s a one-time payment, as I understand it, and not something to be payed monthly.

However, you’d really need to have a mess in your unmanaged inbox, if you need such a service. Again, from my understanding, it’s not a redirecting service, providing aliases which can be switched off if abused.

It’s a cleaning system.

My take on this is, it’s much better to use a disposable email service, redirecting to your main provider, and do the housekeeping yourself, day after day.

Whether you do it the gentle way (requesting to be unsubscribed, if the sender is honest and acknowledges such requests), or you do it the hard way (suspending or killing the alias, if the sender is rogue and disregards your requests, or even if you can’t be bothered to wait and see).

Edit : that being said, they have a nice name and cute dogs.