Least Favorite GNU/Linux Distribution?

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • OpenSUSE
  • Debian
  • RedHat Enterprise/CentOS
  • Hannah Montana Linux

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At present, I’m using Ubuntu, and I had no idea there was a Hannah Montana Linux. :rofl:

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But what about RebeccaBlackOS?

I’ve only used Debian variants (including Ubuntu), so I honestly don’t even know how Linux works outside of the Debian ecosystem.

(Burung Hantu) #4

@jonah mentioned https://ponyos.org/

Edit: Is this really not a Linux distro?
Four years later and people still don’t believe us! PonyOS is not a Linux distribution - it’s also not a BSD, or a Hurd, or a Minix, or a Solaris!

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #5

I haven’t updated my listing recently, but there are two that I am avoiding:

On the other side that are more or less in my favour

What Linux distro do you all use?
Other Linux Distros to Try (for a beginner)

Am I to understand that there are no other bronies here? hides :dizzy_face:

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I find it interesting that more people voted for Debian than Ubuntu. I’ve known a couple of people who hate Ubuntu, and yet I know several who are obsessed with Debian. Perhaps, as I’ve said many times, it’s a matter of personal preference (as with anonymity networks or password managers).


Ubuntu servers drive me up a wall… Especially lately, like what’s up with the required reboots all of sudden? This ain’t Windows.

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #9

I don’t know if Ubuntu has done something weird, but microcode and kernel updates have always required reboot to apply and with some library updates it’s the most sure way to ensure that software using those libraries gets restarted. You may be interested in the needrestart package.

There are some exceptions to kernels though and I think microcode would theoretically be updatable without reboot, but that probably wouldn’t prevent holes from being abused before it?

Please correct me if I am talking nonsense.

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Comes with steam preinstalled, is a wanna be arch but holds their updates for a week which removes the “bleeding edge” of arch

Also debian > ubuntu

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May i ask about what your thoughts are about Fedora? Or the RedHat ecosystem in general.


fwiw https://www.ubuntu.com/livepatch


For some reason I thought the “Free for 3 Machines” said “Free for 3 Minutes” and I was like dang that’s a short time :rofl:

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #14

Fedora, I used it for some time once a few years ago, but I think I never got as comfortable with yum/dnf and I don’t like how short time they support their releases and I didn’t like them booting to a different target and requiring local precense.

CentOS, I wanted to try it once on old machine (from 2006) at family which is mainly used as a "print server, but then I learned that they remove support for old drivers so networking didn’t work.
I have understood this to be due to them being compiled RHEL sources and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is for enterprises and they run more modern (or at least specialized what enterprises usually run) hardware, not something “ancient”.