Language subforums?

I have been wondering at times would it be possible to have subforums or categories or something for different languages than English? I don’t know if there is demand, but I guess the users could always appear if those existed.

I am especially missing a News category in Finnish sometimes.

It’s a good idea but see how much language out there, so you will create a lot of subforums :joy:

In case the idea gets approved, I think the limitor will be on languages that the team understands or languages people that are trusted by the team and agree to moderate the subforums there are.

I guess you will never add Arabic then :confused: ? especially Arabic(Egypt).

I hope someone of the team knows someone knows Arabic then :V (and i not refer to make me a mod of it :V)

I think it’s a nice idea but I would probably wouldn’t post with this account so my identity remains less known, so I don’t think I’ll use it, or not with this account at least.

I guess you should go in order of relevance so I guess a Spanish, French and German subs would be the best option, Chinese has more speakers but I don’t know how much of the audience speaks it.

Please give this boy an Egyptian subforum! By the way, the other day I found this: which is one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world and is read by someone in ancient Egypt.

  1. Egyptian subforum will be bad because you need to create other subforums for other versions of Arabic too so just 1 general Arabic will be better (i mean most of Arabs understand Egyptian and can talk with it but i feel general Arabic will be better then every user can talk native inside it)
  1. I not understand anything from that vid :joy:
  1. Thanks buddy for recommendation but i guess i wont be mod anytime soon (i guess some team members not trust me yet and i’m okay with it tho)
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