Know of any stalker-free anti-virus?

WHAT: I am looking for a anti-virus that doesn’t track, monitor, stalk, spy - what ever - anything about/for/of me nor Internet travels, or CF emails or my system. Just a good anti-virus/Trojan/phish and Firewall.

MUSTs: It should work along side, not against, Malwarebytes. Is there such a critter?

WHY: I discovered that my anti-virus records my browsers’ History (tries to)! It’s done a great job of protecting me from ne’er-do-well-wells, bullies, and thugs - but I need protection from my protector.


How about clamav?

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Thanks. Wow. A whole new dimension opened, with it’s own language. I should have been more specific. I’m looking for Windows 7 64 bit desktop version. Their available packages" shows “ClamAV-0.101.3.exe” might be the right one, but they come close but not 64 bit, only 32 and 64 bit is just portables.

Made for techs and people with a lot of time to learn. - and is way out my league…, but it’s the other price we pay, along with our privacy. I’ll try. Thank you again.

I believe there is some GUI for windows. You’re welcome btw.

Perhaps you might find what you are looking for at:

This organization states ‘ The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users.’

ClamAV has a user interface that is really easy to use, however make sure to research a bit because if I’m not mistaken it does not provide real time protection; you must run the scanner yourself or let your computer on during the scheduled scan times. It’s been a while since I haven’t used W7 but other than this, clamAV did a fine job for me.

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The first application on the list is most likely out of your requirements, but I think it does worth to mention, since the question goes for Windows.
It’s not an AV at all, but if you want to monitor or catch if any running process is infected or suspicious, you can use Process Explorer from Microsoft.

What it does, is, on-the-go checking all running processes on VirusTotal and show their ratings on VirusTotal.
If you’re running a possibly infected app/process, then it gets a 1 - up to some number out of sthg like 70, which means it’s at least suspicious in one - up to the number you see in the virus databases out of ~70 (all which it’s checking).
It’s proprietary and I know, I know, it’s coming from Microsoft and this fact is raising privacy related questions, like this quote from the EULA:
“Please be aware that, similar to other debug tools that capture “process state” information, files saved by Sysinternals tools may include personally identifiable or other sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords, paths to files accessed, and paths to registry accessed). By using this software, you acknowledge that you are aware of this and take sole responsibility for any personally identifiable or other sensitive information provided to Microsoft or any other party through your use of the software.”
(They didn’ even bother to close the (…
In summary, it’s proprietary, not an AV, doesn’t clean your system, you have to run the applications to see if a process is infected and if any of them is, then probably you just shared it all with Microsoft…
Which is actually already shared with them in case of Win10.

The next app is also an OFF app, but if you want to increase your privacy on W10, it’ a must.

What it does, is simply collecting all privacy related sub-settings, dedicated to single buttons to switch on or off, which are spread and hidden all over in the various settings and in the control panel, etc.
Furthermore, you can switch on and off, firewall, telemetry, 3rd party apps, like skype, one drive and co AND you can delete (uninstall) all the built in shit, like candy crush, xbox, even the CALCULATOR, all stuff which goes online, if you use it…

The third app, yeah, ClamAV - disclaimer --> belongs to Cisco
It’s just great!
Yes, the 64-bit version is only portable but that doesn’t decrease it’s capabilities.
I’ve never installed the 32-bit version, which should have a GUI, but it must run just fine on a 64-bit op-system too.
Similar to - for instance - a 32-bit Firefox installs and runs just fine on a 64-bit system.
If you want to stick to the 64-bit (and only portable) version, it’s really easy to get it run.
Once you let it scan the whole C-drive, expect for a long procedure.
Depending on your metal and drive size, it can run for a whole night.
PM me, if you need assistance or more info.
If you want an AV suite, probably look here:
I’ve never tested, installed it, so can’t say anything, except, that the ClamAV developers link you here, if you want an AV-suite - for Windows.
Immunet states, it’s protection is cloud based, which raises an eyebrow, since the subject to be protected is Windows…