Knoppix: Does it keep data on Hard/SSD Drive?

Aye, I’m testing a laptop for a bit.

Mine broke, and wanted to test this ThinkPad.
Never used one, so I don’t want to break the warranty and return until I know I’m keeping it.

Removing the OS breaks the return policy and warranty. Therefore, I want to try a live USB for a bit.

Otherwise, I would just format the drive.

TL;DR Does Knoppix keep any data left on the machine?

Why not ask the Knoppix forums (like Reddit)?:
Knoppix forums seem to be mostly a ghost town for the time being.
Any help is appreciated!

But Lenovo…doesn’t respect privacy!:
No need to remind me of the dangers of ThinkPads. I plan to swap out the WIFi and install Coreboot.

  • I understand they implement DRM (Coreboot should remove this)

ThinkPenguin and ZeroCat sell parts for these. I plan to fix it if everything works.