Kindle PaperWhite Privacy

Hi everyone,

Received a brand new Kindle Paperwhite (2020) for my birthday a few weeks ago.

It is my first e-reader ever and i like the concept of having a library in my pocket. Would really like to try it and enjoy it, but i have some concerns about privacy and device spying. That’s why the e-reader is still unopened in his box today!

I’ve been reading a lot of articles and web forums to learn how to fight against privacy issues on the Paperwhites devices. Even though i’ve found some tips, the articles and forum discussions date back from a few years already and don’t really apply on the new Paperwhite’s models.

I wonder if some of you would share some knowledge, tips and tricks to help us fight against the Kindle Paperwhite spying and be able to use it with privacy.

For now, the tips i’ve found are the following:

-Never turn on the Wi-Fi on the device
-Don’t register an account on the KindlePaperWhite
-Don’t buy books on the amazon store (download them on computer and then transfer them on the device).

Is this enough to bypass the surveillance and spying of the device? Is there a way to root/jailbreak the new Kindle PaperWhite devices?

Thanks all in advance for you help !

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Welcome to the forum,

I don’t know about Paperwhite especially (I have an older basic Kindle model), but we had a bit of discussion in "Amazon appears to be tracking every tap on Kindle".

This also helps save battery, so I seldom turn it on.

Calibre is your friend with this, just remember that Kindle doesn’t understand epub (unless this has changed on newer models), while it understands mobi, I convert everything to azw3 as once my Kindle didn’t want to index or kept losing index of mobis and I never had the issue with azw3s. However it has since got a couple of firmware updates, so that may have been fixed.

I haven’t personally jailbroken any Kindle, but I have been shown an opened Kindle offline and told that when you open the device physically, there is a normal microSD (IIRC) card slot with the card and rooting/jailbreaking is just swapping that card or putting the custom firmware on it, if one exists.

You would be doing it with your own risk and warranty wouldn’t cover it.

Thank you very much for your time and answer!

I will try these informations to jailbreak my kindle:

The microSD (IIRC) jailbreaking you explained made me curious, but i don’t feel much confident to try it on right now, i am quite a noob!

Thanks again for you answer!

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easy way is do not make it ever connect to internet and if you want to give some privacy at least if you have pihole add some amazon hosts to limit it