Keybase bought by zoom

So i was installing keybase for my android device and found a review about keybase being bought by zoom. Is this true? If so… I will delete keybase right away!

It is true, it was announced a few months back. You can search the web for many articles on the topic, including the official statement from keybase.

What does this mean for the privacy though? I mean, by using keybase is my privacy in danger again?

I think Zoom bought them to help them with their encryption problems.

OK, so that basically has nothing to do with privacy…

Indeed and same happened with wire and startpage but yet they both are on the same road and until now keybase too so i dont really find reason to leave keybase until they switch to evil and you would probably going to say “it can be evil at anytime” and you are right so same on other services like signal or even protonmail

The biggest red flag is that Zooms CEO, which is now Keybases CEO has openly stated he is willing to work with Feds, which is one reason he was against E2EE on free accounts.

I think this change of ownership was the reason why it was removed from PTIO real time communication list

The difference between this acquisition and other ones (e.g. Wire, Startpage) is that Keybase previous owners admitted the don’t know if the service will develop further. Zoom might decide to shut-down service anytime. They all admitted this purchase was to get E2EE experts into Zoom and make it more secure. That’s the reason why I stopped using Keybase immediately after this, and still use Wire and Startpage :wink: Though I didn’t delete my account yet, but plan to do that soon.

We did discuss this on the github issue related to it.

Who knows where Keybase will fit into the lineup, they seem to be certain that E2EE will be used by bad people therefore will only be available for paid accounts, in the case of Zoom. I can’t imagine them running Keybase in the same way they have, when they have those feelings.

They have since then changed their mind (or what they publicly say, probably due to the backslash), but it’s still not by default and I get the impression that it’s a bit complicated to enable compared to normal calls. I haven’t ever hosted a Zoom call though.

yes, i have heard about that. There was to much commotion about it

Ah this is good. It’s likely because Jitsi also did E2EE, they had to be seen to do it as well.

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It is terrible that a good encrypted messenger was acquired by a Chinese company, which doesn’t value user privacy and security. I am afraid that Keybase would be eroded rather than using Keybase to assist their encryption of video call.

Also, all the Chinese company need to follow China’s National Intelligence Law, passed in 2017, allows the government to compel any Chinese company to provide practically any information it requests, including data on foreign citizens.

Although you may say FBI and US government are doing the same thing, but China is not a democratic country! All the data would be used to monitor, censor, and control its citizens, like monitor Uyghurs in Xinjiang and maintain the social credit system to silence opposition.

*Everyone should pay more attention to this, just like the Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook, even they said nothing will change and independently working, it’s no longer able to be trustworthy

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Many people don’t know this, but please don’t forget that Keybase has already made changes to their site to make Zoom happy.

This is their website a month before the acquisition:

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And this is how it looks like now, after the acquisition:

Of course Zoom doesn’t want encouraging protests and forming a resistance on their new acquisition.
I thought Keybase was better than this…

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