KeePass Error Message

I recently started using KeePassXC for my password storage, but I noticed something odd. When I saved a database of passwords and tried to re-open it, I got this message:

In theory, that means I have the wrong passphrase or something like that, right? But I’m sure I entered it correctly. Does this mean that the file is corrupted? I can give it another shot.

ouch - i also use KPXC (v2.4.1) and i’ve (thankfully) never seen that

in the UI > Help menu there’s a link to their github repo if you need support

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I found this:

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Thanks guys. I’ll check out the GitHub repo and see if I can find anything.

what wrong with bitwarden ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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BitWarden is fine too, but I wasn’t sure if you could store the passwords offline. Is that possible?

  1. they encrypt data on thier servers
  2. nope! at least use ur own server (which it will be hosted on unsafe hosting website so yeah bitwarden servers is good) & for my case i need cloud because sometimes i can formate my HDD 4 times per day :3 so yeah
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