Kaspersky Password Manager

So i have been hearing some good stuff about kaspersky. But i am still wondering about Kaspersky’s Password Manager. They do state and i quote:

We use Zero-Knowledge security, which means that neither Kaspersky, as a developer, nor anyone else, knows one thing about your data. Your data is only yours and you are the only one who can access it. This aspect of password protection will never change. We fully respect users’ privacy.

But is this true? It is seriously so hard to find a service that does not want’s your data…

why not just use bitwarden ?

Kaspersky is based in the Russian Federation, and as expected; its mandatory that Kaspersky complies with the Russian authorities. The most common is the FSB. I recommend using Bitwarden, or use KeePassXC

With this I agree.
I prefer to give my data to FSB instead of NSA

i am using bitwarden. Seems like a good one… but i have read some articles that kind of concerns me.

try self host it ?

whaaaaaaaaat you mean ?

Ok i am using bitwarden at this moment. Seems like a good app… Though i still have some concerns… and i rather self host it.
I have been using keepass in the past and used KeepassDroid with that for my android device.
Seems like KeepassDroid isnt updated anymore so i can see, there could be some leaks…

so i want to try keepassxc with Keepass2Android.
Keepass2Android seems to be open source… but do you think its a better way to use a password manager?

Some source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KeePass/comments/8dfiwj/which_app_to_use_keepass2android_or_keepassdroid/

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Another source i ran into

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