Jumbo Privacy?

So I was accepted into the beta program for Jumbo Privacy and love all the features they offer as far as methods on deleting and scanning to see if there’s anything to be worried about. I love their added features like 2 step for apps like twitter, however I use Tofu and really don’t need this. I wanted to know if maybe anyone knew more on this company and if it was good to use. I don’t care about the savings i receive being a tester if its not safe for privacy.


I did not use it personally but techlore made a video about it, might help you to decide :smiley:

Thanks, I never realized he did. I’ll check it out.

I have also used the app and as per me I find the app to be useful and also confusing .

  1. It’s technically an easiest way to secure some of your devices.
  2. It really need monthly feature updates to be completely true to their policy since they only enable secure setting for Gmail only (most logically ).
    The rest is enabling 2fa and stuff