Japan and India joins the Five Eyes(?)

PTIO page may need to update after this. Can anyone confirm? Are there any formal laws being passed to recognize this on the end of Japan and India?


Yes they did also korea is in too

I’m afraid at some point it will just be faster to list the few countries that are not part of the Eyes.

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My guess is, if anybody is going to introduced backdoored crypto, it’ll be India. Given past transgressions by TRAI and home ministry, they will be likely able to do it … where in the west any direct interventions would face more resistance. In the US in particular, it’s more of a process of erosion through laws like DMCA and the Patriot Act.

If India is able to do it, it’ll make it easier for other countries to do the same.

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We should kickstart our own micronation : PrivacyLand :rofl: and the official flag would be the 5 eyes logo with a giant middle finger on top :slight_smile: And from there we should launch some cubesat in orbit containing servers and direct wireless connection to our capital Privacy City and we could offer Space VPN services, SpaceVPS etc. and just be independant. Then we’ll engage PHASE II --> Privacy Moon Base :slight_smile:

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