It's time to break up Facebook (because making up is too hard to do)

down dooby doo dow down (sry Sedaka;)


(nah, just…rally round the family, pocket full of shells~

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Very interesting article. I’m really sad that there is no real alternative to Facebook. Of course we can list some e.g.Mastodon, but they are far less user friendly and intuitive. Or who knows maybe we even don’t need services like FB. Use the good old forums:)

You know its very bad when the co founder of facebook says that its bad
also Rage Against the Machine good band


@Gandalf I agree with that sentiment. I just read another facadebook article posted in forum today, a rebuttal of sorts. and in comments it brings to clarity why monopolies are bad - what wasn’t absorbed or defeated in other manners has clearly left us little to no other options (popular enough to migrate families and friends to anyways.

Divide it up, zuck, yer pockets literally can’t hold any more and the longer you drive the train the bigger the fines will get- eventually even disbelievers will understand the treacherous nature of your privacy sellouts :sunny: