ISP Choices?

Of all of the discussions and resources on and this forum, I’m curious about the trust or dependency we place in the ISP? I’m curious what the opinions are on the various ISPs? Could some be better than others from the perspective of privacy? I’m assuming I know the answers I just thought I would see what this community has to say. Thanks in advance!

I think you might want to retitle this or otherwise specify what region you are interested in.

I think in Finland ISPs are generally reliable, some more than the others, but I would still advice encrypted DNS and everything else and I am more ready to trust my ISP than a VPN provider (and I am unwilling to pay for internet twice).

The options are mainly:

  • DNA who has IPv6 everywhere.
    • Moi, virtual 4G operator in DNA’s network, often the cheapest option with their 100 Mpbs unlimited 4G for 18 € /month.
  • Elisa who has IPv6 in 4G (and is my current WISP for a few more months having sent me special offer if I agreed to return from Moi) and has been promising IPv6 in physical network since the national IPv6 launch day for years, without anything visible happening as far as I know of.
  • Telia (Finland) who only has 6rd in unspecified networks/connections and if your house happens to have their connection and you don’t know what kind of a modem you need (this happened to my grandmother), they are willing to sell you all kinds of modems giving you conflicting information and then it may turn out that you only needed a router/WLAN-AP. I avoid them at all costs (and did so even before my grandmother’s router saga).
    • I have heard that they may be more progressive in other countries.

Meanwhile in some other countries, even the yellow papers would have their own WISPs.

Good point, I should have pointed out for the USA market. Although it is great to hear about what is available in other countries. I had heard Finland is quite advanced and out in front on issues such as this. I am on the lookout for a good and reliable WISP, but I don’t see that happening in the USA. Corporate power is too dominating to have something that is good for the average citizens. Thanks!

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Quick newbie question. If I set up a encrypted DNS (however, or whatever that is done), will it prevent the peeps and perverts from selling my search terms to other pond scum?

I ask because most comps in many homes are shared. My renter downstairs sat at my comp to do a little searching, and a hour later, I started to get ads for toenail fungus cures in MY email box. 6 within an hour. If the SMRC’ers want turn the Internet into their catalog, they can do it on their part the 'net, not mine. I’m starting to want to give up fighting for my right to privacy and start fighting back - somehow.

What’s a comp ?


I fear not as generally your search terms are already encrypted as you access your preferred search engine through https (don’t you? if not, at least onion?).

Sounds strange, if your renter hasn’t given your email address around, I don’t understand what would cause that unless ISPs there are a lot less privacy respecting than here.

I should have pointed out that Renty went to a well-known medical site, where I have a account, but Renty didn’t log in as it’s not a auto-remember password. I put it in each time and don’t save it. Could the siteA.I. have associated IP/CPU/GPU/APU or router PUs with stored email?

Maybe I’m paranoid (really just curious) or, it was a coincidental spam blitz many received.

➶A.I. Artificial Idiot

I preferred your first approach

because it is, after all, the WORLD Wide Web. Your original query might elicit info about foreign ISPs, thus giving a world-wide perspective to compare ones available ISPs to (thanks Mikaela Suomalainen

Perhaps if more people could easily compare, they may realize just how well harvested their privacy is. I know a data breach US attack | Canada attack victim. NOW they offer free protection - now!!! It’s devastating.
And those offers of credit monitoring are late and too often lock ones transactions at the most inopportune times. Again, a victims double-whammy. Once by the hackor, again by the hackee. The victim always pays - again.

There is too much about us out there earning too much of our money using us as their product, and for many, harvest starts at their ISP.

An advertisement is using your money to tell you what to do.

I’m sure there is a list of the ‘Top 10 Most Trusted ISPs’ for sale by their affiliates somewhere.

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Virtual providers and this some other country is Czech Republic according to people I know from there including my partner.