Isolating Google: should I use a different container, create a new FF profile or just use another browser?

I still have to use Gmail and some other Google tools (especially Meet) for work related stuff, and I like watching videos on YouTube sometimes.

So, what would work best to isolate them and not be tracked?

  1. Just using a different container on Firefox for Google and YT
  2. Using a different Firefox profile for them
  3. Using a different browser altogether

My concerns are:

  1. Since the containers are in the same FF profile, wouldn’t them all have the same fingerprint? (thus being possible to track someone across different containers)
  2. Is it possible to fingerprint Firefox across different profiles? (I think that’s very unlikely, but maybe not impossible)

Maybe the third option is the safest one. Even if somewhat unpractical, Google stuff might just work better in a chromium-based browser (any suggestions?)

another modified* FF profile

  • i talk about that settings and stuff from ptio
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In theory separate profiles should be enough provided that you don’t have the exact same setup (i.e., same addons and settings) to avoid leaving the same fingerprint. I would argue that a dedicated browser is slightly better since you can be sure your fingerprint will be different and data won’t be shared. This is my approach and is not as unpractical as you may think. I guess everyone is different but this is something that allows me to focus without being distracted that easily.

Why don’t you just give it a try? For a Chromium-based browser I would recommend Vivaldi or Brave. These are not necessarily the best for privacy but since you are going to use them for Google services anyway it should be fine. Or take a look at Ungoogled Chromium as a more privacy-focused alternative.

Then use Firefox for anything that is not Google related. Be warned, most websites heavily rely on Google to work (by loading fonts, static content and/or analytics) so you may want to block those connections with something like the uBlock Origin add-on. The downside: some website are so dependent that they won’t load properly, but you can set rules to allow those connections on a per-site basis very easily.

By the way, you can watch YouTube videos without visiting it directly from Invidious.

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Currently I am entirely relying on privacy.firstparty.isolate in about:config as I recently had a GSuite account which was a problem with Google Container extension while trying to use two containers separately for work and personal, but in general I would use a different container as I would likely be too lazy to open a different profile let alone a different browser.

To answer your concerns, I think the answer is yes to both, at least your screen size is likely the same in both containers and profiles and you connect from the same location, and likely have other settings that are same in both.


Thanks, everyone. I’ve decided to use another browser for Google so I don’t have to worry about the fingerprint or incompatibility issues.

@LOK_48SEAL Yes, I know Invidious and use it sometimes, but I feel kinda bad using it for channels that regularly create new content since they wouldn’t receive ad revenue.