Is worrying about fingerprinting useless?

My question arises from the quote on the website: “Modern web browsers have not been architected to assure personal web privacy. Rather than worrying about being fingerprinted, it seems more practical to use free software plugins like Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin. They not only respect your freedom, but your privacy also. You can get much further with these than trying to manipulate your browser’s fingerprint.”.
Is this saying that we should not care about being fingerprinted as long as we block trackers with uBlock and Privacy Badger?
This may sound a stupid question but bare with me: who uses my fingerprint to track me, tracking hosts right? So if I block trackers I should be safe even if my fingerprint is unique (or almost unique).
And if any tracker “escapes” uBO and PB then the best thing would be to change my fingerprint all the time so that I’m always “someone else”, Chameleon sounds good for this.

I’m sorry if my thoughts are flawed, what do you guys think?

who uses my fingerprint to track me, tracking hosts right?

If a legitimate website tracks you, then uBlock Origin won’t help you in this scenario. Besides, there are countless possibilities to track people (via web browser APIs, web browser characteristics and behavior, cookies, IP addresses, special links, HTML pings etc.). Some of them can be blocked by extensions you mentioned.

The Tor Browser is likely the only web browser that defends against fingerprinting to a certain degree. See also


Speaking of fingerprinting, I have just been reminded, through reading my notes, that Facebook, that I use excessively rarely (and mostly through Tor), has been able, at some point, to correctly guess my f*** place of residence.

Needless to say, my IP address does not coïncide with my place of residence. No other service (not even Google) has ever been able to guess my precise location.

The fact that Facebook is able to do that so casually, and with so little interaction, is truly frightening. I have a FB account that I very seldom use, only for reading other FB pages, and always through Tor. There’s nothing on it. No friends, nothing.