Is there a way to tell if an email is owned by google?

I heard that google provides a corporate email service.
Which results in emails with some corporate domain (say is actually operated by google.

I want to avoid sending emails to google owned servers at all.
Is there a way to check if an email with custom domain is ran by google.


If i’m right, you can check by whois (because it will be google domain so that’s mean it will be on their dns so you would see google name there, but of course google can sign it up on other dns server then it will be more harder to catch it so just note this way won’t get all domains if google wanna hide one of them)

thanks for an answer. but can not it be that their nameserver is google, but they are self hosting their email?

what I mean if nameserver of a domain is google is it 100% that their email is also handled by google?

yup, because i think its private ? im not sure but maybe it will happen on their other domains like blogs that’s why i said its not 100% work but like a chance it works

Hey together,
as far as I know the NS Records in the DNS doesn’t tell you anything about how a Organisation is handling it’s Mail-Traffic. For that you should check the MX Records in the DNS. [0] If you see there something with they use google. Vice versa it doesn’t need to mean that the don’t use google if you don’t see it there, but it’s not so likely anymore.

On Windows that’s possible with “nslookup”, you just need to change the requested Record to MX.
On GNU/Linux it would be possible with host or dig. Host should give you the MX per default without any other parameters. With dig you need to “put -q MX” behind the program call. Like:
“dig -q MX

Does that makes sense?
Gordon :slight_smile:


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