Is there a way to cover your tracks from a former discord acc?

I want to completely erase the presence of a former discord acc and the gmail account associated with it. Am I able to erase my IP from either or even give it false info through a VPN?

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There is no actual way to verify deletion. Data storage is cheap. Best to assume its still out somewhere. Your realistic way to cover it is to make similar dummy burner accounts as in 20-50 and bury it in the noise of disinformation.

you can just req that deletion and create new account with dummy data

gmail accs or discord ones? For discord, the only issue I have is it has recorded my gmail which i now changed to a temp mail and if hypothetically they were to track it back, it can be tracked back to my IP. Gmail wise, i havent made one in ages, didnt they make it difficult to make burners since it requires a phone number also do you use VPN when making these burners or?

My discord doesnt have any of my priv info except the fact that it has had a gmail linked to it which can be used to track back to me and thats it. I now put in a fake email thinking it may make it more difficult to track it back but i doubt it since discord keeps a record of all ur activity so they are bound to keep the gmail in their storage

Yeah. well if you really not feel worried you can just change email address to new “fake” one and if you really worried you can create new account by new email so it depend on what you feel