Is there a privacy-friendly CV builder?

i want to build my CV and i was worndring if there privacy respecting alt to build CVs

What about using a CV template for LibreOffice or TeX on your local machine? In this case, you don’t need to trust any website.

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do you know good website ? to download templates

There are plenty of markdown CV templates. Just search. For instance,

i did not search on github tbh xD so its good idea, i searched 10+ times using qwant and google but found nothing good so yeah

Try Resume Builder on FDroid

Well, tbh i loved the app because author is Egyptian :joy:

Are you Egyptian? If so, cool, your language is really awesome.

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nah my grammar is bad :joy:

give us some feedback on the app and the results

well, i loved the app, it just have huge lack of templates ? its just one template which i did not like but still im happy that author is Egyptian