Is there a privacy-friendly Curriculum Vitae builder?

i want to build my CV and i was worndring if there privacy respecting alt to build CVs

What about using a CV template for LibreOffice or TeX on your local machine? In this case, you don’t need to trust any website.

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do you know good website ? to download templates

There are plenty of markdown CV templates. Just search. For instance,

i did not search on github tbh xD so its good idea, i searched 10+ times using qwant and google but found nothing good so yeah

Try Resume Builder on FDroid

Well, tbh i loved the app because author is Egyptian :joy:

Are you Egyptian? If so, cool, your language is really awesome.

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nah my grammar is bad :joy:

give us some feedback on the app and the results

well, i loved the app, it just have huge lack of templates ? its just one template which i did not like but still im happy that author is Egyptian

It is open source, the templates have a nice modern look into them and they have Pokémon names! I have created a GH issues asking to the developer if they can remove G services, but so far it’s great.

You can follow the issue here:

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how did u change my title ? :joy:

BTW, thanks for the recommendation

Wow, thats such a good recommendation! I personally use europass, which also does not send your data to the browser, and looks a bit more sober, but sadly its not open source

In case you want to try it:

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its good but all i see is just one template so am i missing something ?

That’s standard euopass CV, and many employers don’t like it :slight_smile:

This Reactive Resume looks really nice, but what I miss is additional contact info. I like to put my Skype and Wire contact info :smile:

I made template in LO Writer long ago, maybe I need to update it. I could share it here if you like

@esmailelbob yes, there is only one europass template at the moment. They were supposed to add more in April, but I guess they halted the plans? They have erased the announcement from the web.

@crossroads Im surprised to hear that companies dont like europass, as Ive actually been kinda required to send an europass cv by some employers. Where country are you from? Im from Spain, but I guess it was maybe bc they were paid insternships, not “real real” work

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yeah sure share it! i want collect templates as much as i can to select which one fit me

Yeah its my bad luck :joy: