Is there a good encrypted cloud storage with versioning for text notes

Hi, I’m looking for a way to sync my markdown notes across devices, and also to back-up the data in encrypted format. What I need is support of the folder structure and some versioning, ideally with possibility to see text diffs between versions. What would be a good solution?
I remember seeing one linux-style CLI “notetaking” app, which was doing exactly what I mentioned above (and nothing more, indeed). But I don’t remember a thing about it besides that it was developed by some Russians.

I use Tresorit for the same purpose. Though all my botes are in one folder

Question: Do you trust tresorit to do their automatic encryption on their servers correctly.
Or have you verified that it works correctly somehow?

Standard Notes can do file versioning and enable you to back up the encrypted files yourself.

For the markdown editor and folder tree structure, they require paid monthly/yearly service for that.

They have E2EE, but client is closed source. Thouh there was 3rd party security audit recently.

I do trust them, it’s their business model. Plus my files are really not that important. It just private files I wouldn’t like to be accessed by cyber criminals, and that’s the only reason why I want e2ee. I trust all providers of services I’m using, it’s not them who am afraid of accessing my data

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Thanks, that looks nice! Do they have file versioning?

Yes, but I don’t know limitations of free plan. Neither for file versioning (i think there is no history) nor for number of devices (i think it’s 2). In Premium plan, it is 10 versions and 5 devices. That’s enough for me

IMO, there is no sense in paying 10 €/month if you only need it for notes organization. I need it for file (cloud) storage and sync between multiple devices.

I have used (actually still use) Joplin and CherryTree for some notes. But I realized this might be better approach, since I can use any text editor (Kate in Linux, Notepad++ in Windows, and integrated text editor in Tresorit app for Android). I also have similar setup in Nextcloud, mostly for work related stuff. It doesn’t have E2EE, but I can also edit notes in web browser.

+1 for Standard Notes. It can handle syncing notes across devices. With the paid plan, you can also get a daily email with an encrypted backup of your notes. I’m unsure about note-diffing though, I know you can preview/restore previous versions.

Do you need good mobile support?

Or just desktop?

There are many Open Source options where you can roll your own depending on what you really need.

Good diffs? Encrypted git:

Can also use something like Veracrypt file container (which can contain whatever you want in addition to notes) or a password manager like KeypassXC which supports notes (works across desktop and mobile).

With either approach you just have a simple encrypted file that needs to be synced between devices (rsync, Dropbox, Google Drive, Syncthing, Owncloud, etc.)

You can also just use syncthing between devices you own and trust, in which case you don’t need to worry about encryption, just need a markdown editor.