Is the best alternative to Google Drive?

Is the best alternative to Google Drive?


I am not familiar with and I would use Discussion: Syncthing by myself.

6 Likes is almost the same thing that the GDrive is but more secure and also have a referral program with 1GB as reward for each one that u invite with ur referral link isnt like GDrive i would say and i think that have a better and do the samething as it does and was developed by a member of The Intercept created by Glenn Greenwald who Snowden trusted in sharing NSA files. >


How are the clients for

Do they have comprehensive and stable cross-platform support (Windows, Web, Android, Linux)?


Yeah, except by Linux. But it works with Wine really well


I didn’t know it works under Wine, so I went for Tresorit which is more expensive (10€ vs 5€). But Tresorit is very good also


Definitely too much expensive than, but looks a great alternative too (not for me)

6 Likes is nice. Honestly one of the only reasons I don’t run it is the lack of native Linux support. I don’t want to pay for a service I then have to run in Wine.

EteSync is nice too. You can check them out. Really cheap too.


I wonder why they don’t provide an official linux client packaged with wine. I’ve seen some other companies (e.g. Teamviewer) use this approach.

I dont pay to use, but as a free cloud service I think its the best. u start with 5GB but can earn more inviting people to the max 20GB of storage for free. idk any similar service that have this features and advantages even being a free account, thats why i created this topic to know if exists other similar. EteSync looks good but not so much competitive as (also thx for the suggestion)

Because they didnt developed yet and business questions or something like? I could try to guess other things, but it’ll be just conspiracy - no evidence, no proofs. but if u really searched about. They’re already planning to release to Linux oficially.

I think pCloud also has the same offer for free users (5GB + up to 20GB with some additional invites and connections). But it doesn’t offer e2ee in free plan (“pCloud crypto” they call it). Though they have Linux client which works well.

Regarding SyncCom client for Linux, they have announced it years ago. So I don’t think we will ever see it.

Samething with less security feature for free summing up.

Working through Wine while that, I think thats enough. Risk E2EE just bc of that, dont worth it.

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I would trust NextCloud files more, I am unable to see linking to GitHub or anywhere for their source code, so I am assuming that they aren’t open source and “more secure” tells nothing to me and the referral program is a bit of offputting for me personally.

Syncthing and OnionShare don’t really compare in my opinion as OnionShare is only one directional and I don’t think SyncThing has a goal of hiding who you are or whom with you are syncing files with while the actual files are encrypted.

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