Is Shaw Cable Holding Client Access Hostage?

Shaw Cable is a Canadian internet service provider. They recently changed their web site.


Blocking Shaw stalkers denies access to users personal account, and online services.

Services denied are:

  • adding/editing/deleting services
  • accessing billing information and payment gateway
  • access to webmail
  • access to support forum (customers helping customers)
  • internet, TV, and phone controls

For some semblance of privacy my Chrome anti-stalkers are:

  • uBlock Origin 1.21.6 (blocked 16 stalkers)
  • Privacy Badger 2019.7.1 (blocked 8 stalkers)
  • Google analytics IBA Optout
  • Google analytics Opt-out Add-on.
  • HTML5 autoplay 0.6.2 (autoplay enabled)

To access one’s account, we go to and login. However, now I get their Sorry - something went wrong… yadda yadda and to try later, again, or contact support. Support is a wall of text that eventually, coyly provides a link to contact them.

I did call and was told to disable my anti-stalkers. The stalkers Shaw used, those that were caught and blocked were:

~ Opening support page adds 12 new stalkers and 4 network attempts. ( / #support)

(note: had to put a space in stalker id’s below because this forum THINKS they are links)

  • cdn
  • cdn
  • cdn
  • lptag

6/12 stalker-fonts were also blocked but 6/15 javascripts were allowed.


  • After many calls, it boiled down to being told to drop the blockers or go to another ISP.
  • Told to not use a email client (Thunderbird) address for logging in and to set up a new account using Gmail
  • clear cache


Shaw customers must allow Shaw Cable to stalk the customer or give up access.

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner office web site aims to protect the ISP, not the customer.


  • Should ISPs be permitted to withhold customer access if customer refuses to allow stalkers on the customers devices?
  • Is there a way to fudge or pretend that Shaw has access to our private internet travels, yet still keep our privacy?
  • The same is happening in the U.S. but on a larger scale - why is it being allowed?

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p.s. A recent study has shown that 90% of people fail to read the entire post.

I believe your only option would be to file a complaint with Canadian Privacy Comissionaer.

From what I’ve heard, this sort of behaviour is pretty common for Canadian telco companies. They essentially have a state mandated monopoly and they abuse it the maximum.

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But, the CPC is…