Is Protonmail or tutanota safe?

I am wondering which email to use. I heard that Portonmail is not completely open source. Tutanota is completely open source. So Tutanota has high security. Potonmail, on the other hand, has an onion domain and is based in Switzerland. So the anonymity is high. I do not know which one is better. Please tell me which is better. Also, Tutanota’s email is com, de, io, me Which of these domains is the most secure?

Tutanota is not completely open source. Only the email client is.

That should not hold you back, though. Open source is sort of nice to have, but not being open source does not mean it’s not secure.

There’s no difference in security whatever the domain.

Beyond that, you need to state what you use email for, and why you want it to be “safe”, in order to receive a good-quality answer.

Questions such as “is x better than y” are meaningless. Both Tutanota and Proton Mail are good. They are markedly different. Maybe you should not use either, by the way. That depends on your needs. What are your needs ? Why don’t you just use Gmail ?

xyz is completely open source. So xyz has high security.

Wrong, “open source vs. proprietary” is about comparing licenses and not about security.

xyz is based in Switzerland. So the anonymity is high.

This is also wrong. There is no anonymity only due to being located in a certain country. Protonmail cooperates with law enforcement and is subject to Swiss law. They also have access to lots of data (of course, this is also true for Tutanota):

ProtonMail cannot be used for any purposes that are illegal under Swiss law. Not only is this against our terms and conditions, we are also obligated by law to assist police investigations in criminal cases.

IP logs are sometimes kept to combat abuse and fraud, and your IP address may be retained if you are engaged in activities that breach our terms and conditions (spamming, DDoS attacks against ProtonMail infrastructure, brute force attacks, etc).

we have access to the following email metadata: sender and recipient email addresses, the IP address incoming messages originated from, message subject, and message sent and received times

We also have access to the following records of account activity: number of messages sent, amount of storage space used, total number of messages, last login time

See and


Protonmail is safer to use. Email services are one of those rare cases in which I would recommend proprietary software. Also, domains don’t matter in terms of security.