Is "Prism-break-project" information true?

I have two questions. The Prism-break site says that you should not use Authy with a two-step app, why is that? add-on says that Ghostery should not be put, why is it?

First, Auth is closed source. With so many great open source alternatives, why would they recommend a closed source project. Simply visiting Authys site requires you to block 4 trackers.

Ghostery doesn’t block all ads. They whitelist ads and allow them to get through.

Rather than blocking ads and trackers outright, Ghostery sells some user data back to advertisers as part of their business model. Ghostery claims this information is limited to the specific adtech the user experienced, but either way, the relationship between Ghostery and the ad industry rubs some privacy advocates the wrong way.


While Authy isn’t open-source, I think it’s still better to have MFA than no MFA at all. Most of the time anyway.


But that wasn’t the question. He was asking why Prism break doesn’t recommend them. They are corporate and closed source.

Yes, I agree having MFA is best, but doesn’t mean all should be recommended.