Is neocities fake news?

hey I found some sites on neocities and were wondering if any of these were legit or not.

the first two sound like those conspiracy sites and that last one recommends google chrome and windows but I want to know for sure if these websites are bad.

I haven’t visited them in a long time but I did read through the first site and it just reads like a frustrated teen. It’s just tremendously biased and presents facts that support the author’s view only. What amazes me is that it manages to do so by contradicting itself so many times… if you take the time to read through it (which I unfortunately have).

Like I said I haven’t bothered to visit those sites in a long time and things may have changed. It’s not like everything in there is a complete lie, but I don’t think is a trusty source of information. That’s just my personal opinion of course.


They do have some facts but they are just stuff the author would like for you to see they don’t lie but they don’t tell the whole truth

They’re also hugely outdated. So some things are not even relevant and haven’t been for ages.


update it appears that last website got removed. I think neocities was right to ban that user.

This one is quite popular and well indexed by Google, the email section worths a read.

The spyware one with the web browsers seems to be similiar to what I find with browsers in terms of “phoning home” and/or sending data to 3rd parties.

I didn’t really check anything else out, but it looks like when the articles provide empirical evidence, that it is reality :slight_smile:

Though, I CAN think of a few browsers they left out - maybe its a little dated I’m not sure.

If you’re reasonably technical or willing to learn - anyone can just do their own research. To say “secure” or “private” is a pretty big generalization when it comes to tech sooo…it depends what you are looking to protect against exactly as well :confused:

Also it seems like for FF for example, they seemed to have tested only the current version at the time of writing soooo…but I guess, I mean you need at least FF v52 just to view youtube… but it is sorta interesting to see how FF has been evolving each release… O_o

The nice thing about these forums or any site that’s empirical - it really saves you the work if its already done by someone else :slight_smile: