Is making a DIY VPN a good idea?

I’ve read the article by Sven Slootweg linked on suggesting in summary that you should not use VPN services and instead host your own VPN on cloud hosting using something like pritunl, algo, etc…

While I think a DIY VPN would be good for remote access/port forwarding and circumventing censorship, won’t it be easier however to identify you due to having a static IP used only by you, and get possible DCMA notices if the VPN is used for torrenting? Are VPN services better because they give you a shared IP and claim they don’t log you?

Any thoughts would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve, ie what is your threat model.

If your goal is to get around filtering in your country or something like the GFW, then sure.

If your goal is to have some pseudo-anonymity then no. Mixing your traffic with others (eg VPN provider’s customers) using the same server is helpful as you’ve said.

(By pseudo-anonymity I mean anyone looking past the incoming IP address which is initiating the connection eg, someone on a BitTorrent swarm, or a http server admin looking at their logs etc.)

It goes without saying, if you are concerned about someone actively trying to find out who you are, then there’s no substitute for Tor.


thanks @dngray for awesome explanation.