Is madaidans-insecurities fake news?

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I’m interested in discussing privacy as long as it’s factual. I’m not going to feed into inaccurate echo chambers like you are.

I haven’t advertised my website once. I’m not the one who made this post.

No, it is based on facts. That’s why the website is littered with citations. Go ahead and make actual rebuttals to all of my points then. It should be easy if what you say is true.

All you’re doing is spreading FUD and making dishonest attacks. Sorry your favourite software isn’t perfect. Not my fault.

Madaindan is a person that always blames opensource for insecurity, bloat and other bad stuff.

No, I don’t and that’s a ridiculous claim to make. None of my points are about the software being open source. They are all real, factual issues with the software’s security and I always present evidence for them.

I’m even a contributor to open source projects such as Whonix which makes your claim look even more silly.

Why did you create your account just to spread more FUD/character assassination? Leave me alone. I’m sick of the harassment from people like you.

Ah, I know why now. You probably know me from Telegram since you have an account there and we’re in mutual groups. You’re likely now actively trying to search for me and slander me in various places.

Na I just stumpled upon you here. If I would actively seek you out you would have seen me on other places. You have too high views of yourself if people would dedicate their time for that.

Also, why would I create a user here with the same username here and telegram? Is kinda silly if I wanted to actively search for you and slander you. Silly.

I’m even a contributor to open source projects such as Whonix which makes your claim look even more silly.

Yes, and you claim that “open source” is bad for security:
“User Freedom is generally a bug when it comes to a very secure and private system.”
Quoted from the matrix-chat.

I never said that. Someone else did and that doesn’t even say anything about open source.

And you say you aren’t actively seeking me out? Yeah right.

You’re proving my points. Leave me alone and stop slandering me.

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I think I’m going to go ahead and lock this post now. Personal attacks really have nothing to do with privacy.


Paul, you’re engaging in gatekeeping. Madaidan is more than welcome to join us here.

Please don’t make another post telling a subscriber that they shouldn’t be on this forum. That’s a Mod role, not a reader one.

PS: Welcome, Madaidan!

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