Is it possible to familiarize with Linux in this way?

Is it possible to familiarize with Linux using a really light linux distribution like one of these: Tiny Core/Puppy Linux/Lubuntu/Trisquel Mini/Linux Lite?

Whats the difference of the terminal of these linux distributions that are light and the popular distributions like Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Archlinux? Or are the terminal the samething in every linux distribution(commands, configuration)?

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I am not a linux pro by any means, but if you want to learn linux I would get a Raspberry Pi and install DietPi on it.

A RPi allows you to have a testbed where you can experiment and learn without messing up you main device. It’s also easy to format the SDcard with a clean image if your install goes haywire.

I like DietPi because it has a bunch of useful tools to get you accustomed to CLI linux. It makes it easy to install various home server services (NAS, media server, torrent client) that work well on the RPi. I find that getting results helps the learning experience. It’s also based on Rasbian/Debian, so you get to learn how Debian works.

AFAIK there can be significant differences in the terminal experience of different Distro families, but my experience is limited to Debian derived distros, so don’t take my word on it.

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You can use terminal in any Unix-like OS, not just GNU/Linux. Most of the commands are same, except for package managers and system management. Arch, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian are probably major distros. Others are variations of these system. Some are independent like Gentoo, NixOS. There is no recommendation for “terminal familiarization” per se.

But to try and be familiar with Linux I wouldn’t recommend the lightweight distros you mentioned. Those are very bare-bones. except maybe for Lubuntu. Go with Mint, Ubuntu or Lubuntu to start with Linux. Be familiar with linux commands and even kernels if you want. Tinker with your distro. Afterwards you can go to anywhere from there. My personal suggestion would be Mint.


I cant afford to buy a Raspberry Pi, but thanks for the help

Actually it seems a little hard to try distros that isnt lightweight, because of that i asked about the lightweights distros, but thanks for the help and tips

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The short of it is the “terminals” are the same in every distro. They don’t all use the same commands for system wide things (Debian based uses apt, Fedora has dnf, Arch has pacman, etc) but they all support Bash or Zsh.

If you’re looking for easy to use lightweight to get started, based on what your asked about I’d go Lubuntu. If you’re willing to try something not on that list, try Ubuntu Mate.


(just to credit both if someone is with the same doubt of me, the guy ahead said whats the difference between each distro the terminal commands also he was more clearly about without examples like you, but said whats - both answers complete at all and its good to expose the answer of both)

I’ll give a try to Ubuntu Mate, sounds great and light. Also will be using the Lubuntu to feel the difference with both if its worth to use Ubuntu Mate which is less light than Lubuntu comparing the differences.
Really thanks for all to helping me.

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If the people who have the same doubt of me but can afford to buy a Raspberry Pi (which i cant), here other way written by the other guy:


Comparison between Lubuntu and Ubuntu Mate

Solution answer edited with your recommendation, thanks

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