Is it Android or iPhone safer?

I do not know which of iPhone and Android is safe, so I would like to know which is safer. I checked a little on the net and found that the iPhone was a little more secure. I do not really know. Which one is more secure if I look at the site for increased security? The usage of each is as follows.

View sites such as Youtube, Amazon, etc. in Firefox’s private mode. (IPhone can not add add-ons. Android seems to be able to do it)
Map uses AppleMap
Download the app using AppleStore
Two-step verification uses Tofu

OS uses LineageOS instead of Android
Use Amazon with Firefox add-on
View Youtube on the Newpipi app
Map uses the OpenStreet browser version
Download the app using F-droid
Two-step authentication uses AndOTP
Deploy Blokada, NetGuard, XPrivacyLua apps for security and privacy

if u saying safer like secure (from anti virus) i will say android bc its built on linux & linux not easy to get viruses bc its working with sudo & same on android with root access so yeah & android have more users base so apps on it are more & there is a lot of ppl to ask on the net (that is my point of view)

Android uses a fork of the linux kernel, if you make sure that you install anti-malware and check what you install, you should be fine with using Android. iOS employs control, more so than what is called security. Exploitable applications and system components are one of the large concerns, the other is repeated phishing attempts. That can happen to anyone, its how you respond to it that really is important.

Isn’t anti malware/virus pretty useless on android? At least that’s what I heard.

Anti-Malware is good as a way to defend yourself, when other lines of defense have failed.

It depends on your threat model, but I would say in general iOS is more secure than Android. On the other hand, Apple prohibits many modifications to the system, including some privacy-centric changes, so Android may provide a more private or a more anonymity-driven experience than iOS.