Is Google Chromecast spying on you?

GGCC will not work if phone is connected to a VPN. That alone made me suspicious.
Is GGCC a security problem? Are there any articles around it?

The reason it doesn’t work is because VPN applications typically block access to your local network, so your phone just can’t find the Chromecast.

That being said, pretty much all Google services are designed to collect data on you and I don’t see why the Chromecast would be any different. I’m sure it collects all sorts of information on what you watch from you.

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I would imagine everything that is casted on a chromecast is added to the user’s dossier both for general ad targeting and “product development.”

As Jonah pointed out, the VPN issue is related to how chromecast works. They use a system that is not accessible to local devices behind a VPN. From what I remember, you can work around this by running the VPN at router level.

Google -> so yes.

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Maybe If I have time one of these days, I would like to pass the internet connection trough wireshark to watch what the heck GGCC does…

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I cannot find the source, but I remember Chromecast at least being hardcoded into using Google Public DNS which can reveal to someone monitoring your network from the outside that you have a Chromecast, especially if the rest of your network is using your ISPs DNS servers or non-Google DNS.