Is email dangerous?

I saw this Edward Snowden tweet.
According to this, Email is inferior to Signal and Wire. (Wire collects and stores metadata.) Is this true? Also, what specifically are inferior?

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When you say “email”, are you talking about web browser based webmail, or real E-mail? I see E-mail as us using a client, like Thunderbird, Eudora or the likes verses using a browser to go to a web page to view mail in a browser, which is about as secure as a political promise during the height of a campaign.

To answer your question, my opinion is that no mail is safe but real E-mail is safer than anything Google analyzes (mail you send/receive + to whom the senders/receivers are) and adds to your profile. They were caught by Europe to stop, but no one in any other country told them to stop -sooooo

Some links may be a tad dated, but Google isn’t, and has only sharpened their pencil.



I knew about the third-party apps accessing your email. When I became more aware of it, I started checking the permissions and privacy policies more closely.

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Unless both sender and receiver use secure (e2ee) email service such as Tutanota, Protonmail…, email is no secure at all. Probably if both use more privacy oriented provider, even without pgp encryption, their email will stay private. But can always be accessed and read (by provider, law enforcement, etc.). So as Snowden said, try not to use it unless it’s the only option for communication. Unfortunately, that is still usually the case in business world

It depends. If you’re using a website to access your email, the only way to secure communications effectively is to use asymmetric cryptography, the most popular tool being PGP.

You also have email services like Tutanota that have open-source clients that do end-to-end encryption, and IF it’s done properly you can call it secure. Do take note, cryptography is HARD to get right. And it depends on what you consider dangerous.

I wouldn’t alone trust Tutanota to protect my super confidential emails. It’d be fine for every day for privacy preserving. (I haven’t picked through their source code, so I can’t be sure it’s good enough.)

But with PGP being used a lot, and far more popular than Tutanota, I’d layer in PGP if it was super important.

But for anything super important regarding emails, use PGP!

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