Is checking e-mail via Tor Browser secure?

Is it better to use Tor Browser above Mozilla to enter e-mail box, if you do not want to use VPN and if you want to avoid your e-mail provider knows your IP address?

Is this safe to check e-mail via TorBrowser (new session for every check)?

Does Thunderbird program knows your IP?

Yes (if website uses HTTPS)

Anything connects to the internet do so Yes!

It depend on website terms i mean for paypal as example they will block you after time if you kept login from different places everytime, same as google if you logged in from different location you will get that little annoying pop up saying confirm your email or we sent message to you so it depend on website itself


It is overkill
I think thunderbird or a separate firefox for checking email is sufficient.

Any program that connects to the internet, is going to receive/send your Internet Protocol Address, and traffic is going to be sent through the ports a program needs. Tor or a VPN makes it harder to intercept traffic. Gmail has in the past; mistaken traffic through Tor as potentially malicious. So yes, it is fine to use email with the Tor Browser. Just make sure to adjust your security settings in case that you can’t use the website, because some important JavaScript code can’t run; under NoScript.

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what ? to is normal browser that connect “to free vpn” and yeah normal browser, take it as opera and their VPN instead tor’s is more better and can go to dark side (woooo)

Well explained by comrade Grugq here:

Also, please note that I’m an information security researcher, not die-hard privacy enthusiast.
If you are pwned, you have exactly 0 privacy.

Medium blocked in Egypt…

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That post is mostly , Tor browser is safe for most people to use, its just no silver bullet and you should always be carefull, but you should always be carefull, whether you use tor or not.


Please, if your gonna spread bad advice, atleast be consistent with the links you post as “proof”.
As that link says, tor makes you stand out like a glowstick, and now instead of using a browser which is designed to make every user look the same, you advice them to use a browser which is almost guaranteed to have a completely unique fingerprint?


It’s not.

Mass surveillance is almost never your primary attack vector, keep that in mind.

As I have written you in the DM, but I’m stepping away from this discussion.
We can talk in private if you want, we can look at the results of the studies, and then proceed further; until then it makes no sense to discuss these issues, as we both have evidently different background, education and experience when it comes to information security.

Again: Use Tor if you need to, but avoid Tor Browser.

I would be very interested in seeing the results of such studies.