Is anyone here on Mastodon?

Hey, mind sharing your mastodon id.

Thank you! I haven’t been on this forum for a while, but have been very active on the fediverse lately! I don’t remember who introduced me to Mastodon, but I’m happy they did.

Apparently you can now move accounts from one Masto instance to another, including followers, but not toots. So it might be possible to take regular backups of your account, and import it into a new instance if your current one does down. I haven’t tested any of this yet so YMMV.

Also, latest news on Zap is that it nows support both Zot and ActivityPub protocols. Mike McG was determined he wouldn’t support AP again until he could do it in a way that doesn’t break privacy and NomadicIdentity, so it seems that he’s figured out a way to do these things natively in AP. This is exciting, because if other AP app devs can learn from what he’s done, it may become possible to do NomadicIdentity between two instances of the same AP app (eg between Masto instances), or even between two instances of different apps (eg Masto<>Zap, or Masto<>Pleroma, or Pleroma<>Zap).

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As this topic was just re-incarnated from the depth of the forum, I think i’ll take the opportunity to post mine as well!

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Is anyone here on Mastodon?

I was there, but felt so lonely being the only one that is not a expert at everything.

SM is OK for a lot of people, but as I tell friends, “WARNING: Anything you say can and will be taken out of context and used against you in any Court of Social Media.

The nonSMRCing Mastodon (AFAIK) is great for those that like that sort of thing but found it’s not for me.
I believe that if we cannot convince SMRCers to respect our rights, then we should be embarrassing them into it.

Mastodon is showing the SMRCers that there are alternatives - but are SMRCers even listening let alone care? I’d say No. Ergo, I pray the Mastodon arrow will find it’s target soon. Too many good people are being assimilated into a totalitarian Orwellian Googleated state of dependence on the State of Google (and ilk and ilks minions).


I have different accounts on different fediverse instances, like Mastodon/Pleroma. I suppose you can import your accounts from one to another, or does it depend on each individual instance? (Since writing this post I’ve become pretty active on Mastodon as a whole, and have adjusted to its “social rules,” for the most part.)

Mastodon 3 introduced a feature to move all of your followers from one instance to another instance (if you are looking for this). This requires both instances are using Mastodon 3.0.0 or above, and you have to link both accounts using the Mastodon web GUI.


Yea, you can find me at If I were better at self-hosting, I’d host my own instance.

But already swamped by

Started doing my own youtube alternative for myself. I can’t host anyone else, but it’s nice that that is available for me to use.

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What does “own instance” interpret to? Thanks. ~o~

You can host your own Mastodon server. For example, our “instance” is, and another big one is Even though they are separate instances hosted by different people, they can communicate with each other via ActivityPub federation.