Is anyone here on Mastodon?


I joined Mastodon recently but don’t have any “friends.” One of the issues I’ve had with switching to different social networks is changing social circles.

(blacklight447) #2

I am on there too, haha.


present and accounted for!
heh, yah, made account other day when I migrated over to PTIO matrix homeserver, haven’t done anything with it yet, if there is add or follow sort of thing then I’ll look you up next login. Closed facadebook and google+ when 2019 began (new year resolution to take my privacy back:) so looking to connect with more active and privacy-minded folks anew anyways.

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(Burung Hantu) #5

Who to follow on #Mastodon? We are trying to give new users a better start and selected a couple of profiles for #privacy related topics:

(Tari R. Alfaro) #6

Yep. I’m on Mastodon too.

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(blacklight447) #8

Maybe you could add me? I often announce stuff regarding our forum :).

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(Mikaela Suomalainen) #9

I am very inactive, but my some section contains links to all my fediverse accounts.


Hooray, friends! I’ll follow you.


It says you’re on Telegram…been hearing some not-so-good things about it lately! :laughing:

(Mikaela Suomalainen) #12

Haven’t you also been hearing bad things about GitHub, Facebook Messenger, Riot/Matrix, LinkedIn, Keybase and probably everything else too? :tired_face:


This is true. Nothing is perfectly “secure”; there’s a way to crack everything, as far as I’m concerned!

(Esmail EL BoB) #14

i do have mastdon & almost on all social media alts but i not ue them alot because tbh with you after what fb did i started to hate all social media so yeah my mastodon is litreally empty xD

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This is my mastodon account, go give it a follow :wink:

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Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah science!!

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(Dan Arel) #17

Sure am!

(NoHablaPrivacy) #18

I’m on it, just don’t get the point of it really.

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It’s like a decentralized Twitter, from what I understand. Similar to how Diaspora could be considered a decentralized version of Facebook.

(Jose A: Leon) #20

I´m in Mastodon too: (I´m from Spain).

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