Is Anti-Beacon a safe bet?

I came across Anti-Beacon, bought it and trying it. Your thoughts on such a Privacy tool are appreciated. I’ll post by using this PrivacyTools.IO template…

  • Whether the tool is FOSS, proprietary, free (gratis), or commercial, etc.
    I have no idea what a FOSS is, but Anti-Beacon seems to be crippleware until bought.

  • Whether you are affiliated with or associated with the tool being posted.
    Just a customer, long time ago avid user of Spybot. I make nothing from this post.

  • What the tool does, how it’s helpful to promoting privacy.
    According to SpyBots vague blurb:
    "Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 10 is a small utility designed to block and stop the various tracking (aka telemetry) issues that come with Windows 10." and 7 and 8 .

  • What alternatives exist, or your thoughts on why it’s a good addition to the market.
    I’ve no idea on alternatives it’s why I’m asking - but anything that does block SMRCers is a good thing.

  • Any other opinions or thoughts you might have, start a discussion!
    I’m very PO’ed that everyone has to go through so much effort in order to protect our right to privacy, which BTW, is fast eroding each day exponentially.
    Why it is even permitted is scary in itself.

Feel free to delete this message and start writing when you know what you’re going to say :slight_smile: -->


I would draw it to the point that windows isn’t a “safe bet” for privacy no matter what u do with it. what does this really do? searching thru your files? it doesn’t seems to be open source which means no one really knows what it does with your data

That is a given.
SpyBot has been around since John became a Baptist and is trusted by many. Assuming their intent is honourable, and Win 10 is, in some cases a definite must-have, then asking opinions about Anti-Beacon seemed apropos.
But thanks for your opinion on Windows.

As for:

I have neither the time, interest, ability, or tools to dissect, analyze, interpret any code, open or not to see what it does. I’m not like most people here - I just want privacy, not learn what makes it work, fiddle with it, and spend my days getting it to work - i just need to learn how to use it.

No matter now anyway. I had a issue with it, opened a ticket and got a apology that is isn’t working and will be advised when it is fixed. By then my PAID subscription (scam) will run out. Waste of money.

BYW - who the Hades turned the lights off and went kiddie-kewl heavy-metal grunge with the black background here! Pulling a Microsoft?


Never mind - found how to change it to reasonable semblance of normal.