Invisible Insect Drones / Covert Agents using invisibility cloak device / Hyper Speed Device

Hi everyone, i was wondering if at all anyone else has come across few Hi-Techs that I have been exposed to:-

  1. Invisible Insect Drones
  2. Covert Agents using invisibility cloak device
  3. Hyper Speed Device

I have been a victim of Intrusive Surveillance for 3 years now. It was started after my EX and another guy teamed up and planned to murder me, which I luckily overheard and managed to somehow stay alive. Since they didn’t succeed they planned to flag me up as a National threat or a Drug Dealer I believe from their conversation.
This organization has constantly been sending under cover agents, mini drones for sample collection and Insect Drones, etc.

The Covert Agents have a device that grants them the ability to turn Invisible to the naked eye. One night when i was having a “me time”, I heard some sounds. I set my phones to video recording mode as I could hear some laughter and things were being thrown about to scare me, in the morning when i checked the footage video I saw a woman standing behind me, and a man leaving from my window. In the video clips you could also hear them laughing and swearing, and mocking me. Unfortunately I didn’t know what or who i was dealing at that time. The Video footage was erased from my phone while watched it, however i recovered one video clip and sent it to my friends. I this clip you can see in the hand mirror that was on my bed near the window, something moving. When I zoomed in, i was shocked to see a hand with a Video camera recording me having a wank in my bedroom. They erased my phone memory and the storage memory was overwritten multiple time with random data that i never would have on my phone to prevent recovery.

Secondly when I had someone come over through an online dating app, while the person(under cover agent) was blowing me, he would wipe his hands on some probes that popped from under my bed. I could not continue after noticing this. what also surprised me was that this person who told me he didn’t smoke the previous night, said “Lets smoke, you are just getting stressed out”.
I had only one cigarette left in the pack, and to my surprise he smoked it!! The next thing he did was some funny gestures while he smoked to someone outside the window. I asked him to sit a little further from the window, he moved a bit. But then the curtain started to move without it being touched, i quickly lifted the curtain and found the drone. The drone moved into his backpack and I demanded that he left my place. The Drone had advance specs, no sound, and probes that moved like an octopus tentacles.

After I started keeping track of things, I found out a lot that which I haven’t mentioned here cause its a lot of stuff… 2 years down the line and they still wont leave me alone. They now use Insect Drones, these drones have Invisibility cloak too! But the do give out Electromagnetic Radiation, and when i tried to record a video, the place where the drone is is blurred out. I bought a camera with no wifi connection, and started to record the video. When the camera was focused on the place where the insect drone was located, the camera was hit by an EMP pulse that turned it off over and over again. Similar thing happened to my Phones on another occasion, both were turned off at the same time, only when it focused on the location where the drone was located.

I need to find out who they are and what they want from me? I have tried and staged different ways to get them to reveal themselves but all in Vain. I cannot gather any evidence against them, all i have is one video clip of the hand of a man standing outside my with a video cam recording me naked having a wank. I don’t know if they have record videos of me when I had someone over and we were intimate. They have also sent an under cover agent as my date, that I was in a relationship for 6 months. The day I found out he was an Undercover Agent I was shaken. I found out through some random events that happened that night. All these events have happened exactly step-by-step as a well wisher mentioned it would happen to me.

I am putting this information as a last resort here cause I don’t know what will happen next. I know my Laptop, and phones are bugged. People should become aware of the vile use of technology, how it is being misused, ruining an individuals peace and life.

Buy and Keep an EMP Jammer, before your place is bugged!! Try and find ways to see Drones that are invisible. But i am guessing an EMP Jammer should do the trick!! Devices I try to use against these bastard drone get fucked up by an EMP pulse, that fries it circuits.

Hyper Speed device enables the user to move at a high speed, combined with Invisibility Cloaking tech give the user cutting edge in stealth operations.

The government doesnt need those needlessly expensive things to track you. Your voluntary submission of data, especially from the online dating stuff is more than enough and sufficient for your government to track you.

Also consider finding professional counseling help for your general condition.