Introducing our PeerTube Instance

Since April 2019, one of the primary goals of PrivacyTools has been to promote the creation and use of decentralized and federated networks to replace the centralized giants like Google and Facebook that have taken control of the internet over the last decade. Already we've launched Mastodon and WriteFreely instances with thousands of users, and our Matrix homeserver is one of the largest in the Matrix fediverse.

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This is fantastic. YouTube is the last Google service I use regularly and I’m hoping to see content creates shift to alternate platforms in the near future.

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I think this is a great idea but I think there should be a tutorial to explain how people can start there own instances.

I assume the tutorial you are asking is about “how people can start their own channel” and not “their own instance”. To start your own channel first you need to sign-up from an instance. For example : top left corner “sign-up” button. From there you follow the instructions, once you have signed-up you log-in with your account and go to preferences > channel settings and here you’ll see a big orange button called “create video channel” or if you already created one during the sign-up process you’ll see “manage video channel” and “upload” where you can upload videos.

Thank you PTIO team for the PeerTube instance, I love it :slight_smile: I already watched a bunch of great videos and some very interesting documentaries.

Please try to keep the instance up and running and growing, for other users like me don’t hesitate to participate and share, it’s a great project it needs to grow.