Internet Archive accused of using Covid-19 as 'an excuse for piracy'

Even though not entirely related to privacy, it is related to digital rights and freedom of speech and I am sure this will surely bring some problems to the Internet Archive, which to me is one of the last bastions of defense against the attack of the capitalist meat grinder that tries to obliterate Internet’s openness.


I really miss the good old times, where you give a fuck about copyright. You just download stuff, because the first hit in Google was a torrent link.

This isn’t even about something like downloading shit from TPB, for fuck’s sake, we are in the middle of a pandemic,we are suppossed to study from our home but if we don’t have money for books and cannot access libraries what are we supposed to do? Authors who think this is piracy are brainwashed by copyright lobbyists.

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many bookshops have been forced to close.

Now I am really worried about my local book stores. (Due to COVID-19 not this IA book thing.) I didn’t think of that until reading that line. If they go how will I get my books? I refuse to use Amazon.

Adapt and survive or perish. Every industry has to adapt when faced with extraordinary challenges. The traditional book store will always have a place i think, but, maybe much less than it is now. The fact that book stores still exist alongside Amazon is testimony to that.

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I don’t know where you live, but you’ll surely need to buy from the biggest seller (probably Amazon) unless there’s other big local company.

Amazon really destroyed the book market, I fucking wish he pays one day for all the shit he did.