Im stuck, can we voicechat real quick?

im a bit stuck with my project and a quick voicechat would help. i find too much info online and im new to everything on cybersecurity kinda… i just need something like google docs (specifically i need to be able to have a table of contents and titles throughout the document) but i also want such document to be publicly indexed, like very easy to find (it will have a peculiar, unique title, and i want even an old guy to be able to search online for that title and find my document).

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Are you saying you want something similar to Google Docs, but open source (or just non-Google)?

if i dont find anything, ill just give up and use google docs for my project, and publicly index it by putting the googledocs link in the description of a youtube video with the same unique title or something.

but for now, preferrably, im looking for a more anonymous way to share my project with the public.

I sometimes use this site: AlternativeTo - Google Drive if I’m looking for alternatives to popular software, especially open source stuff. This site is good for that as well:

ty ill check it out