I'm paranoid now ? lol

I have 2 smart phones (okay more but let’s just talk about those) so i took first one (android 4.4.2) for my calls, messages (txt msgs) & music & i will take it everywhere i go & it will not have any kind of Internet access & second one (android 7) will have Internet access with all my social media accounts on it but on one condition (two actually, lol) that phone will not leave home & most of time battery taken off so yeah & i’m thinking to take mic off from both like i do not know when i need mic i will use my headphones so i really feel i’m paranoid :joy:

IMHO - I think what you’re feeling is quite common because Google, Microsoft, Social Media et al. stole your right to privacy and replaced it with paranoia.

Quoting Cambridge English Dictionary
UK /ˈpær.ən.ɔɪd/ US /ˈper.ə.nɔɪd/
feeling extremely nervous and worried because you believe that other people do not like you or are trying to harm you:

Odd how the U.S. definition of Stalker doesn’t include mechanical stalking, making it legal for companies and government to stalk using electronic means, not the old-fashioned way of using spies.


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good point of view :clap: it just my family & friends telling me its not worth it because my data not important or i’m not important (i know how it sound) so yeah every time i get more step into privacy they just say i’m more weirdo

If they really care about you they will understand and accept the choices you’ve made. I switched some time ago from Whatsapp to Signal for normal chatting and i noticed that nowadays i only chat with the people who really care about me or with whom i have something in common. The quality of the conversations somewhat improved because the random conversation from people reaching for help or because they needed something from me and weren’t planning to give anything in return stopped.


well, i not have words to reply on your good words :joy: so i will just :clap: :clap: for you

I suggest you tell your family and friends that if they want access to you as their family or friend, they must allow you access to their devices. Before they can answer, continue and tell them you want to scan and record selected parts of their emails and record with whom they communicated, and to record and analyze a copy of their browsers History, - recording when and for how long plus review all up and downloads. Oh, and you want a copy of the data listing every place and time their device has been in the last 96 hours at 3 second intervals.

Now - point out to your friend or family that you asked them for their permission - and that you will accept their simple Yes, or No - without any further discussion.
Now remind them that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and most web sites didn’t ask; they do do what your friends and family said ‘No’ to you doing.

If family and friends answer is ‘Yes’ then it’s too late for them - they have been assimilated into the collective. Abandon all Hope Ye of Any Rescue - it is futile.

If their answer to you is ‘No’, then you must accept the fact that they trust something they can’t see, smell or touch; they trust a binary bit-chomper but not you. How does it make you feel now? :crazy_face::rofl:

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well yes this my problem when someone tell me ask the phone from ppl whos says no, it just they will tell me no but will leave google or fb that was my problem :joy: