I'm here now - hi!

Hello folks, I guess I’m here.
I’m pengnuin/pngn and the shameless advertising of a certain team member got me to sign up :wink:
Looking forward to some discourse (see what I did there?) on privacy and security.
Have a good one!


Welcome buddy, glad to have you here with us, And don’t be shy to post new stuff, comemnt, or maybe make a poll. :slight_smile:


Greetings! @pngn

I have to say, I do like those poll’s. :point_left:t2:
I find it interesting how many people use firefox and Startpage.


You can always make one about a privacy topic your interested about.


I appreciate the gesture, even though that’s quite a bit more colorful than I prefer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw, we have a darkmode you can turn on in the settings, most users dont know that yet.

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Good suggestion, already knew about that as I’ve been using another discourse based forum a bit recently.

It’s hardly a party if you don’t leave half blind and saying you’ll never do it again though right?

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