If you are new to cryptocurrency

I notice a lot of people when they go and try crypto they just go by default on bitcoin (i mean who to blame? even me i did it) because it’s famous and the repeated words about “how no one can track you” but in fact it’s not that private and i wanted to share this video with you guys because i fount it useful as starter guide for new users (and me) who want to use crypto: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=MGGIvaF234c (or: https://tube.privacytools.io/videos/watch/1e19ac11-bdb0-48e0-83c1-82c5cd88fb93, thanks for @vizslander)

Another suggestion by @LOK_48SEAL (thank you):

Another suggestion by @otaku-ccs.u (thank you): https://www.cryptobasicpodcast.com/


After posting it, i dont know i feel something wrong or missing so never mind act like the post never posted :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, you should change “crypto” to “cryptocurrency,” as “crypto” is usually the abbreviation of “cryptography.”

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I thought this was related to cryptography from this post. Either way, I just wanted to share this other video that explains nicely how Bitcoin works, for those new to cryptocurrency or want to know more about it: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=bBC-nXj3Ng4

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thanks for suggestion, done! but i still feel something is missing :joy:

Thanks for the creation of this post. Sorry I can’t see the Invidious video (not sure why it’s not loading for me, gives me a timeout error) and I apologize in advance if the link I’m going to paste here is, in fact, the same source (admins feel free to delete my post if it is). But if it’s not then it could be an interesting video to add on this topic about the fact why Bitcoin is not anonymous and what to do about that :

i mean, thanks for suggestions :slight_smile:

I highly recommend this podcast. : https://www.cryptobasicpodcast.com
If you into it you can go to their discord or whatever else as well.
Anyway they deep dived into what various projects are (more so a bit ago) (all these are aptly titled),
the guys are intelligent, do their due research and in my experience have always made the ‘knowledge or new dev. accesible’
They also have gotten some interesting hosts over the years!

I see here Google, Apple, Spotify,…

hmm, weird indeed. can’t you just create dummy spotify account (over tor or vpn)

Is there a question here?

You can also listen to the episodes on the individual pages on most of them. ( of their website ).
Most probably this works with various RSS subs as well to get the content.

At the above site I am able to listen to these episodes without logging in anywhere.
There are many more options.
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also @noFAP

cool, did not know that! thanks :slight_smile: