I think there should be a disposable email address and disposable phone numbers section on the website

For example I use 10minutemail.com to register to websites without using my real ID but I don’t think it is open source and if you go on the website it is full of trackers, their privacy policy is good but very very short so it could be untrustworthy.

I think a section on the website could recommend some open source trustworthy alternatives and also use cases.

Thats why there is help section, in case you want service or already have one but want hear thoughts. well, just post there.
Also, i not consider privacy policy of disposable emails because it already no know its you so yeah and phone numbers (like sms24.me) kinda same

Could you open an issue? Either https://github.com/privacytoolsIO/privacytools.io/issues/ or https://github.com/privacytoolsIO/privacytools.io/blob/master/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md#contributing-via-email