I made a new chekcing IP website

Hi folks :slight_smile:,
i made a website that you can check your IP on with other little features like your location & the best thing about this website that it’s not using third parties APIs or anything (except for check IPs it’s using Google stun servers… i tried with Mozilla servers but it did not work) & it’s open source (as always, any thing i do i make it open source & as possible i can i avoid using third parties links/APIs) so yeah you can take a look of source code: https://github.com/EsmailELBoBDev2/Whatismyip & to be honest i just got codes over Internet but i compared them together into one page so yeah its kinda stealing codes actually :joy: & waiting your suggestions :blush:
PS: the website: https://esmailelbobdev2.github.io/Whatismyip/


Your Public IP:

Nice. :rofl:

did you spoof it ? :joy:

It does not work in my browser…

I use a VPN, is this the problem?

why its working fine with my PC/Phone :joy:
can you open issue & give me data ? like os/browser/settings inside it

idk, tried it with my VPN & without & its worked fine, why you guys not working ? :joy: