I love this privacy policy 😂

They are funny, i love them! :joy:

I mean if you not sell my data to companies why you have button called “Do not sell my personal information” ?


also i love how they said “in exchange for payment” so that means it can be anything else i mean their problem here not about give personal data it just about what they get in exchange, right ?

They exchange it for analytic services, not a direct monetary payment.

Its a way to indirectly funnel company earnings to appear that they do not profit from your personal data anyway.

Link please :slight_smile:

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Sure! https://zoom.us/privacy-and-legal

Its legal speak. Its phrased in a specific way to sneak in whatever use case they may need for it, including indirectly profitting from marketing, advertisers, etc.

The best way to look at rules and policy is to see how you could mold and bend it enough to be considered an abuse. Sadly, thats how we should approach these privacy policies in order for us to truly understand them.