I have a Macbook. Throw in every single thing I could possibly do for privacy, security, and anonymity

I’ve already got little snitch (demo only), adguard, protonvpn for public networks, 1password, DDG + Safari, using Cloudflare DNS. I know there’s a lot more I can do and improve

I won’t recommend adguard they are not open source and you could use nextdns instead of cloudflare also use tor browser instead of safari

I can recommend AdGuard, their browser extensions actually are open source and do a very decent job at blocking many ads and trackers right out of the box. I cannot speak for any of their other products however. If you are willing to go even further blocking unwanted connections online then definitely check uBlock Origin, it does require more fine tuning but is much more customizable.

1Password is not open source and I’d recommend something else like Bitwarden instead, or if you prefer to have your passwords stored locally use KeePass.

AdGuard browser extension

AdGuard for Safari

Startpage wrote an article on the subject that will hopefully help:

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There are many privacy-related settings that you can tweak on macOS. These videos cover most of them:

And if you want to learn more about privacy and security, definitely check out the other videos on this guy’s channel.

They’re all available on PTIO’s PeerTube in case you’re uncomfortable watching them on YouTube.

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